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  • 5 Lessons
  • 1 Driving Test
  • 1 Retest $40 off


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  • 10 Lessons
  • 1 Driving Test
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  • 15 Lessons
  • 1 Driving Test
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Service With Honesty And Experience

If you have never operated a vehicle before and, or if you need to brush up on your driving skills, then, you need an experienced and trustworthy driving instructor in Melbourne who understands your local area and can guide you along the way. However, Our Driving School appreciate the pressures you may face when preparing you for your driving test, and the stress that comes with driving in every day traffic conditions. Hence, our trainers make it easy for you! HIENZ Driving School focuses on the essential skills and areas required in order for you to not only pass your driving test, but also to drive confidently on the Melbourne roads after passing your driver licence test. We believe that a confident driver is a safe driver. Therefore our driving instructors also guide you in regards to road safety and awareness. Operating 7 days a week for bookings online and 6 days for driving practical instruction, means HIENZ driving school ‘s services are convenient and practical. We serve the general Melbourne metro area, especially the Eastern Suburbs, such as Dandenong, Heatherton and Burwood East. Western Suburbs, such as Deer Park, Werribee and Melton. Northern Suburbs, such as Broadmeadows, Bundoora and city of Melbourne such as Carlton. We offer various packages and are flexible depending on your needs and objectives. If you are looking for a qualified and experienced Driving Instructor, we have the solution for you. We are able to sit with you and work out exactly what you need, work out a strategy as to how to get there. Our instructors guide you, preparing you ready for driving tests and for the roads ahead.


Why you need an Experienced Driving Instructors?

HIENZ Driving school has been operating since 1991 for car driving instruction in Melbourne. We would like to share some of our opinions about the driver trainings industry.

Of course, There are a few differences between an Experienced driving instructor and a new driving instructor. The new driving instructor lacks confidence on how they execute their duties. There are other noticeable differences while others are not very obvious. Either way the experienced driving instructor has so much positive decisions compare to the inexperienced instructor..

Affordable Driving School in Deer Park

Learn To Drive in Melbourne

Which school? HIENZ Driving School.

Best Driving School in Melbourne

Quality Driving Lessons Near Me?

Driving instructors near you

HIENZ Driving instructors have been operating driving lessons and driving tests all over Melbourne since 1991, we have driving instructors near by you who can teach you how to conduct proper drivings during the test at following Vicroads offices:

1, Burwood East   2, Dandenong   

3, Heatherton   4, Carlton (MelbCBD) 

5, Bundoora   6, Broadmeadows   

7, Deer Park   8, Melton   

9, Werribee.

They will teach you around the testing routes that the Vicroads testers will be testing you. They know your locals streets well like their hometowns, they know exactly how to teach you not only to passing your driving test, also for your safety after passing your test. 

HIENZ driving school has the capacity and resources to offer top notch driving lessons. We understand that driving lessons are more than just…

The Role Of A Driving Instructor

What is the role of a driving instructor?

Why is the driving instructor a very critical person in the driving lessons? Of course, Because, the driving instructor holds the key to your final performance during the test and beyond the lessons that, they take you through and also the driving instructor offers the learners’ motivation as a tutor. therefore, The choice of tutor will…

Hienz driving school Melbourne
Our instructor offer top-notch driving lessons.

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