Learn Driving lesson on testing route in Melbourne & Melton

DRIVING LESSONS ON TESTING ROUTE You are new at driving, or after taking the wheel for a long break and now looking for driving schools in Melton, HIENZ Driving School will be your best choice. Our instructors are local know the area inside and out when it comes to driving lessons in Melton. The courses … Continued

Hazard Perception Test notes in Melbourne

In this blog we show you some hints for Hazard Perception Test. Let’s start now. The mouse is the brake or accelerator as you are telling the computer what you would be doing. Don’t click mouse if you can’t overtake or turn. Don’t overtake a tram. Click the mouse as you get close to the … Continued

What do license testers test drivers on?

I am certain that most learners at a driving school ask themselves a question such as what a license tester looks for. The good thing is for the learner to first prepare their mind to be tested ready. The tester is on your side plus you know most of what they will test you on. … Continued

What are the common mistakes that make you fail the driving test?

Obviously, people make grief mistakes when taking a driving test. Perhaps, if you are familiar with these mistakes you can avoid them during your own driving test. First on the list of common mistakes during tests is failing to stop at a STOP sign. Oftentimes, drivers taking tests tend to focus so much on driving … Continued

The role of a driving instructor

The driving instructor is a very critical person in the driving lessons. The driving instructor holds the key to your final performance during the test. Beyond the lessons they take you through, the driving instructor offers the learners’ motivation as a tutor. The choice of tutor will influence how you approach driving for the rest … Continued

The differences between an experienced driving instructor and an inexperienced one

There are a few differences between an experienced driving instructor and a new driving instructor. For instance, the new driving instructor lacks confidence on how they execute their duties. There are other noticeable differences while others are not very obvious. Either way the experienced instructor has so much on the inexperienced instructor. That means the … Continued

Should learners be taught in strict or fun way?

The question of whether learners need to be taught in a strict or fun way by their instructors does not have a definite answer. There are a few variables that might affect the modes of teaching in strict or fun methods. Obviously, the fun method is a better choice for nearly anyone who wishes to … Continued

Quality driving lessons

HIENZ driving school has the capacity and resources to offer top notch driving lessons. We understand that driving lessons are more than just inserting a key into the ignition and stepping on the pedal. There is so much a driver needs to learn in order to be a competent driver once they acquire their driving … Continued

How the driving instructor behaviour affect the learner

Have you ever had one of those bad days in the morning then you end up falling into strings of “misfortunes” the entire day? Well, it’s a bad feeling altogether which most of us try to avoid for obvious reasons. Now an inexperienced driving instructor might cause one to have a very boring day because … Continued

HIENZ driving lessons prices

HIENZ driving school has a wealth of experience unmatched in Melbourne. For the past 25 years we have taught so many drivers with a sense of pride in building a better society. We have not conformed to the easy road of incompetency but have chosen to take the long, strenuous and demanding road of competency. … Continued