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Letter from Judy. Sunshine

I chose Hienz Driving School Melbourne because I was confident that they would help me pass the License Drive Test after the first time, which is exactly what happened. I highly recommend Hienz Driving School Melbourne to learner drivers as it offers quality driving lessons at affordable prices while instilling confidence and developing learners into responsible drivers.

I took the 5-lesson package which included five driving lessons, test day drive and the guarantee that the License Drive Test would be passed after the first go. To back this up, a free retest drive was offered if I was not successful. Not only was this package value for money but I felt reassured after every lesson that passing was achievable. There are many packages available to suit every individual’s needs and driving confidence levels. Lessons are tailored to suit the individual, where focus is on improving problem areas and reinforcing good driving skills.

My Driving instructor not only helped me book both the hazards perception test and drive test through VicRoads but during the driving lessons, invaluable lessons were taught such as making reverse parallel parking simple and easy as well as helping me hone in on good driving skills. All the road rules were reinforced and correct driving skills were taught to not only make me successful in the drive test but also develop me into a confident and responsible driver.

Hienz driving lessons are conducted in a professional yet friendly environment and I always felt comfortable to ask questions which helped to build my confidence levels prior to the test. There were also online resources on the Hienz Driving School Melbourne website that gave me more information about driving and the tests.

On test day, my nerves turned into excitement after the drive test began. I was prepared and confident. Everything that I had learnt from the lessons were on show in the test and driving back into VicRoads was the best feeling. My instructor and I were both very happy but not surprised when we were told that I had passed.

If you’re looking for affordable and quality driving lessons with a first time pass guarantee, I highly recommend choosing Hienz Driving School Melbourne. I am glad I did!